About Us

Hello. On behalf of Advanced Pollinators we (Brian Little and Nicholas Long) would like to tell you a little about ourselves and our standards for operating our business.

We are here to combine wisdom and youth with old fashion standards in the operating of this company. We understand the importance of being mellow and understanding throughout this stressful time of the year. As Brian is a veteran beekeeper and former broker, Nicholas is partnering with him to help bring this business into the modern world. We understand the modern world and are here to use it to our advantage to help serve our customers while simultaneously maintaining an old fashion face to face connection.


Brian Little is a veteran beekeeper as previously stated, and his knowledge is casted over Nicholas. The two of them want to ensure that the hives provided are of optimal healthy and are completely ready to satisfy your needs. We want to provide and tend to those bees as if they are our own, providing them with a means of getting water so their time is spent pollinating and not searching for a way to stay hydrated. We also will the treat the orchards as if its our own, in reference to that we want to bring reliable and healthy hives to your farm to ensure they provide your orchards with high yields.